Sattar Khan, a national hero in Iran

Sattar Khan or Sattar khane Garedaghi was a pivotal figure in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution and is considered a national hero in Iran. He resisted against the anti-Constitutionalist forces in Tabriz. Sattar Khan was born on 20 October 1866 in Arasbaran of Azarbaijan province of Iran to a merchant family.

Later Sattar Khan became a great general of the Constitutional Revolution. Taking into account Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan’s heroism during the battle, Sattar Khan was honored by the title of “Sardar-e Melli” (National General) and Bagir khan “Salar-e Melli” (National Leader) by the order of the Assembly.

Sattar Khan stayed in Tehran until his death at the age 48, on 9 November 1914. He was buried in Shah Abdul Azim cemetery in Shahr-e Ray near Tehran.

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