Ordobadi House

Despite of historical background of Tabriz, which is confirmed by the heritage experts, there are 300 historic houses. The historical lives of these buildings aren’t more than 200 years. This is due to more than 11 devastating earthquakes that have destroyed this city completely over the past thousand years. As a result, there is nothing left from Tabriz’s historic, magnificent, majestic mansions such as Ghazan khan’s palace, Rab-e-Rashidi complex and Hassan-Padishah square.

Ordobadi house was built in the first Pahlavi era at No.84 in the Bagh-Shomal neighborhood of Tabriz.  It was registered in the list of national tourism sites of Iran in 1999.  This gorgeous house is built in 1,600 square meters with 3 floors by compilation of stone and brick. Ordobadi house hasn’t historical significance but the stony exterior has distinguished this building from other Tabriz historical monuments. Ordobadi House played its political role during World War II as the embassy of Irag by the Russians. This building currently used as the national documentation center of northwest of Iran. Most of historical archive of this center is about Qajar period and Abbas-Mirza crown prince, because Tabriz was the second political center of Qajar and the important business center of Iran and Asia.

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