Travel Problem Solving in Tabriz

Each trip along with all the pleasures, has some problems too; in this situation we need an appropriate guide to solve our problems.

Sometimes falling down can be a big problem in travel; in this situation you should look at the map, find the nearest hospital and go there by the best accessible vehicle. If the problem is acute, call 115 (Ambulance Number).

You may be able to treat with meditation. At this time, you need to find a pharmacy. Fortunately, almost all of the neighborhoods in Tabriz have 24 hour pharmacy but if you can’t find any pharmacy, we recommend you drive to the 17 Shahrivar street, look at the map, if you are not far away, get yourself to this street. In this street the pharmacies are open all day and night, and are ready to serve tourists. However, we advise you to avoid Self-medication because in some cases it will have irreparable consequences.

Another problem on a trip is car damage or accident, which may leave a bad memory of the destination in your mind.

If your car damages, keep calm; if you don’t have the experience or awareness of repairing the car and it can be driven, take the map and search for the place where you are located. Then find and mark the Emamiyeh Street or Payame Nour University. After that find and mark the city entrance from Tehran and the cable bridge. Then select the nearest location and get yourself there. In these two areas, you can easily find collision repair technician, mechanic and anything related to cars and solve your problem. The mechanics in Tabriz are very skilled, so don’t worry and let them repair your car.

In some cases, your car doesn’t move, in this situation we recommend you call the following numbers and get help.

Iran Car Assistance: 096440

SAIPA Car Assistance: 096550

If you have trouble with your car’s alert system or its chairs and tires, you should go to Chaykenar or Ghatran Street.

Our goal is to guide and satisfy you in the city of Tabriz. Tabriz is the city of beauty, history and culture, and we hope you’ll always remember all the great memories there.

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