Shahriar, notable poet of Tabriz

Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, mainly known by his pen name, Shahriar, was a popular Iranian poet of Azerbaijani ethnicity, who wrote in Azerbaijani and Persian. He was born in 1906 A.D. in a village near Tabriz named Khoshkanab. His most important work Heydar Babaya Salam is considered to be the pinnacle in Azerbaijani literature which gained great popularity in the Turkic world and was translated to more than 80 languages. Shahriar’s verse takes diverse forms, including lyrics, quatrains, couplets, odes, and elegie but his Lyrics are very famous.

Shahriar died on 18 September 1988 in one of the Tehran’s hospitals and his body was transferred to Tabriz and was buried in Maqbaratoshoara and his day of death is named the “national day of poem” in Iran.

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