Tabriz Cuisine

People in Tabriz always welcome their guests with a variety of gourmet foods and rich cuisine. Tabriz has very delicious foods. Famous dishes in Tabriz include:

Ash is a kind of soup prepared with bouillon, various vegetables, carrots, noodles and spices. Abgoosht or Shorva is a hearty soup made of mutton (sheep meat) and chickpeas. It has been cooked in Iran for many years and, until recently, is the main dish of most families in Tabriz.

Chelow kabab served on a plate of steamed rice, is the national dish of Iran. Tabriz food is famous for the quality of its chelow kabab. Stuffed Grape Leaves is a traditional delicious Azerbaijani food and a famous appetizer of Tabriz. The filling generally consists of rice, split peas, fried onions and vegetables (dill, fennel and leek). Another kind of dolma is prepared with eggplant, capsicum, tomato or zucchini filled with a mixture of meat, split pea, onion and various spices. Garniyarikh (meaning “the torn abdomen” in Azeri)as one of the most delicious Tabriz food is a kind of dolma filled with meat, garlic, almonds and spices.

Tabriz köfte is a special recipe from Tabriz with the appearance of big meatballs, which are prepared with a mixture of ground meat, rice, leeks and some other ingredients. The word kofta is derived from kuftan in Persian means “to beat” or “to grind”.

Carrot stew (khoresht e havij), Green Beans Cutlets, Yogurt Soup (Ash-e Mast) and tomato Ash are also famous and popular cuisines in this region.

There are also confections, biscuits and cookies, some of which are Tabriz specialties including Qurabiya, Tabrizi Lovuez, Riss, Nougat, Tasbihi, Latifeh, Ahari, Baklava and Lokum.

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