Ostad Shahriar literary Museum, the living place of the creator of Heidar Baba

Maghsoudieh Street of Tabriz city is full of old houses which are important in terms of their history and inhabitants. Most of the people has heard the name of Ostad Shahriar. Even those who don’t have much interest in poetry, when listening some bits of  Heidar Baba, fascinated by the beauty and elegance of Shahriar words. It’s such a good feeling to step in the most popular contemporary poet’s home, which he wrote most of his poetries there.

Although he was born in Khoshgenab (A village in East Azerbaijan province), he had a great interest in the city of Tabriz and living there, So he left a small house behind him in one of the oldest neighborhoods of city. The history of Shahriar’s house dates back to the second Pahlavi era.

The house was the third residence of Ostad Shahriar, after his death it was bought by the municipality of Tabriz and became a museum in 1988. His furniture and personal belongings was donated by his family to the museum. The great poet spent the last twenty years of his life in this house. The museum was opened in 1991.

In addition to his personal belongings, some various documents were gathered by Azerbaijani poets and his entourages and put at the museum disposal. In this way, a collection of valuable objects of Shahriar was gathered in his house. In the Ostad Shahriar literary museum you can find more than 500 pieces of his works and personal belongings including home appliances, books, handwritings, memorials and domestic and foreign gifts.

The building was built in an area of 241 square meters in two floors and covers an area of 250 square meters. The visual section of the museum which includes photos of Shahriar, is located in the basement of the house. A part of this floor is dedicated to rest of the guests of Shahriar’s house. The main part of Shahriar literary Museum is the top floor of the house, which you can see his bed, clothes, books, stationery, gifts and memorials. Some other valuable objects of the museum are his Setar (an Iranian musical instrument) and Nastaliq calligraphy works.

The Ostad Shahriar literary Museum is open every day to the people who interested in history, culture and literature. The museum is accessible from the Streets of South Artesh, New 17 Shahrivar and New Ark. After visiting Shahriar literary Museum, continue to surf in Maghsoudieh and visit the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tabriz Islamic Art University which consists several historical houses, Tabriz Municipality Palace and several other old houses.

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