Tabriz is one of the most important cities in Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan province. This city with a total area of 23745 square kilometers is one of the 5 biggest cities of Iran. It is the largest city in the north west of Iran and it is known as an administrative, communication, commercial, political, industrial, cultural and military hub of the region.

This city has a population about 1,773,033. Tabriz in 1500 AH, when it was the capital of Safavid Empire, was known as the fourth largest city in the world. This city also was big and important in Qajar epoch. People in Tabriz speak in Turkish.

Tabriz is located in the west of East Azerbaijan province and in the east and south east of Tabriz plain. This city is bounded by Eynali and Pokechin Mountain from the north, Bababaghy and Gavazni Mountains from the northeast, Payan neck from the east and Sahand Mountains from the south. Tabriz is so cold in winter and warm in summer.

This city has different names in historical documents such as “tavrez”,”tavrezh” and “tori”. Tabriz has been destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout the history. The current historical buildings of the city dates back to the Parthian and Sassanid period. Tabriz was the capital city of Iran in Kharazmshahian, ilxanan, Qara Qoyunlu, Aq Qoyunlu, safavid and Qajar epoch.

Tabriz has experienced several natural and human-caused disasters including attacks by foreigners and deadly earthquakes. The city due to its proper position in the past was one of the commercial centers in the region and today is also an important industrial city in the country. Tabriz in the past two centuries has been the origin of many social, cultural and industrial changes, so that it was the beginner of the Constitutional Revolution (known as Mashrooteh in Persian) and it was playing the main role in other revolutions like Islamic revolution of Iran in 1357 AH. and modernization of the country.

Tabriz is Known as the “city of firsts”, city without beggars, city of underpasses and overpasses, the safest and healthiest city of Iran, the cradle of investing in Iran, the second industrial city of Iran, the second university city of Iran, the second health tourism destination in Iran, chocolate city, the automobile hub, the diesel engine manufacturing hub of the middle east and one of the most important cities in hosting immigrants.

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