The city of Tabriz is full of historical houses, each of them reminds of the Qajar era and its architecture. Nikdel house is one of these beautiful houses. Visiting this house will create the desire to have such a house. If you want to go to the Maghsoudieh Neighborhood, don’t forget to visit this house. Although you should go and see the beauty of this house and enjoy it but in this article we will have a close look at different parts of the Nikdel House. It may increase your motivation to visit the house.

Before entering to house, you will see the majesty of the house that shines behind the wall. Then you will enter a small courtyard. It is the inner courtyard which is located on the south side of the building. The east side of inner courtyard has a small hall for summer residence and four rooms.

When you enter the house, the beautiful Iranian colourful windows (named Orosi) will attract your attention; the windows are relic of old times and inspired by “Eslimi” patterns (which is one of the well-known Islamic patterns). There is a big rectangular hall in the center of building and on the east side of hall you can see two corridors and two little rooms named Goushvareh in Persian; these rooms are smaller than the hall, in the past, when the number of guests were more than the capacity of hall, the host opened the door of rooms and connected them to the hall. A columned balcony makes shade on the beautiful windows of the south side of the building. The decoration of roof and gypsum plasters with mirror works add more beauty to the house. This house is one of the few houses decorated with mirrors. Beautiful capitals of columns, Orosi windows of the south side of building and wall coping are among the most beautiful parts of the house.

After visiting the rooms, go to the basement. The basement includes a pool house, two corridors on both sides, a central place and two rooms on the both side of the corridor and a room on the east side of the building.

Once you have visited all parts of the house, go to the exterior courtyard which located on the northern side of the building. In the courtyard, you can enjoy the atmosphere and drink a cup of Iranian tea. The courtyard is very beautiful and spectacular due to its big size and two stone ponds.

The connection of interior and exterior courtyard is a corridor in the western side of the building. You can go to the inside of house from the exterior courtyard through two staircases.

Nikdel House which was built in the Qajar period, was registered in the national heritage list on 5th of August in 2003 with the number of 9470.

Adress: No. 7, Maghsoudiyeh Street, Imam Khomeini Street, Tabriz.



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