Maqbarat-O-Shoara, a valuable attraction in the historical Sorkhab neighborhood of Tabriz

Maqbarat-O-Shoara or the Mausoleum of Poets is a collection of literary history that show the geographical and cultural boundries of Iran. More than 400 poets, mystics and famous men from Iran and other countries of the region have been buried here since 800 years ago from Asadi Tusi to Shahriyar, one after the other.

According to the researches, Maqbarat-O-Shoara has been known by different names such as “Hazirat-O-Shoara”, Hazirat-O-lghozat” and “Sorkhab Cemetery” throughout history. Over the time and because of natural disasters such as flood and earthquakes, the Mausoleum of Poets was abandoned, destroyed abundantly and its appearance changed. But due to its historical and cultural importance, a monument design competition for Maqbarat-O-Shoara was held in September 1971 and the design of Gholam Reza Farzanmehr was selected. After a while the construction of monument began. The monument of Maqbarat-O-Shoara is now one of the most important symbols of Iran and one of the main symbols of Tabriz city.

The most famous men buried in Maqbarat-O-Shoara are Asadi Tusi, Khaqani Shirvani, Qatran Tabrizi, Shahpour Neyshabouri, Homam Tabrizi and Zahir-al-Din Faryabi. Shahriyar is the last poet buried in this complex and of course the most holy and famous one in there.

These poets and mystics, who conquered the hearts of all those familiar with Iranian language and culture, have been dormant in this cemetery for years but they are still alive in the heart of people and their tombs are destination for many tourists. Maqbarat-O-Shoara is not only a tourist destination but also a spiritual and literary resort for visitors and being there leads everyone to think about the rich history and literature of this country.

The last poet buried in this mausoleum is Shahriyar, the most famous contemporary poet of Tabriz. The name of Shahriyar has been linked to Tabriz and the name of Tabriz to Shahriyar; so that such a link cannot be found anywhere in the world. The tomb of Shahriyar is in front of the entrance and is the only tomb that is seen in this mausoleum. As mentioned previously, the burial place of other poets has been completely destroyed by natural disasters.

Inside the Maqbarat-O-Shoara, various boards show different information about famous poets. Boars, paintings, calligraphy and all other works in this monument are the achievements of brilliant artists. The most notable artwork is a board made by colored pebbles that skillfully portrays Shahriyar face.


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