Tabriz is the most populated city in Azerbaijan district of Iran, one of the historical capitals of Iran and the present capital of East Azerbaijan province. People in Tabriz are well known for their Religiosity, courage and freedom-loving.

Considering the exact date of urban settlement in Tabriz, is difficult. According to some researchers, the current city of Tabriz was built on the ruins of Tavrez city which was the capital of Armenia during the rule of Parthians of Armenia. It is written in the “history of Iran” book, Cambridge University Press: Tabriz city was built in the early Sassanid period (third or fourth centuries A.D.) or most likely in the seventh century.

Although the pre-Islamic history of Tabriz city is uncertain but fortunately the post-Islamic history is clear. The city has been destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout the history. The city was very popular at the beginning of the Islamic period. Tabriz was the capital city of Iran in Kharazmshahian, ilxanan, Qara Qoyunlu and Aq Qoyunlu periods, the first capital of Safavid Empire, and the beginner of the Constitutional Revolution against the tyranny of Mohammad Ali Shah.

Proximity of the city to Iran and Ottoman border led the city to be vulnerable to the ottoman threats; so that it was occupied by Ottoman many times and because of that Shah Tahmasp I, the second Safavid Emperor of Iran decided to transfer the capital to Qazvin. During the Safavid period, Tabriz resumed the commercial and economic boom of the Mongol patriarch period. After an economic depression, Tabriz was again revived during the Qajar dynasty and was used as residence center of Iranian Crown Prince.

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