Visiting a museum is one of the most attractive and popular tourist activities and is always part of the travel plan which tourists can see the history of one field.

The city of Tabriz due to its numerous museums is known as the city of museums. The city is full of historical and exciting museums that introduce the mysterious history of Azerbaijan. Among all these popular museums, Caricature museum is one of the attractive museums. A museum which doesn’t include historical, decorative and expensive antiques and objects, but is a collection of statues and labels of artistic and cartoon characters which we have seen them in the stories.

Caricature museum of Tabriz is the first and only cartoon and caricature museum in Iran that was established in 2006 in the city of firsts. The museum attracts children in addition to adults. It is the first large and equipped caricature museum in the Asia and is the fifth largest caricature museum in the world. There is 14 thousand artworks of world famous masters and cartoonists including Zlatovsky, Kosobukin, Koroghlu, Kolmeshkino, Prombita, Bayram Hajizadeh and etc. that exhibited in two galleries. All of the works are original and are the result of more than 10 international festivals in the province.

Caricature is an art that any artist can transmit his idea and purpose to all human beings from any language and culture at any age. Cartoon and caricature with their educational and cultural functions have always been considered and they can speak as much as an article with the enthusiasts.

Seeing these works in such treasure including the masterpieces of world’s popular cartoonists over the last few centuries, is an unparalleled honor and opportunity for anyone interested in caricature.

The Caricature Museum is located on the northern side of the Golestan Garden in an old building which was the former place of the Tabriz National Library. The museum has two galleries which exhibit 60 original masterpieces of world’s largest cartoonists, a specialized library, classroom and administrative affairs. There are 20 thousand artworks with archives of historical and foreign journals from over 100 countries in the reservoir of museum.

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